Beethoven Sparkles at Upcoming Musicale

You are most cordially invited to attend the annual Sparkling Musicale on August 26, 2012.
Please RSVP to Jan Teleske at JDtele (at) by August 20.

musicale invitation


2012 Young Pianist’s Beethoven Competition Results

2012 Young Pianist’s Beethoven Competition
Master Teacher: Ronald Brautigam

FINALISTS (in alphabetical order by last name):

  • Shanice Aaron (Sherman Oaks), Sonata in B-flat Major, Opus 22, no. 11 Teacher: Anli Lin Tong
  • Tyler Chen Hayford (Santa Cruz), Sonata in C Major, Opus 53, no. 21 Waldstein Teacher: Vlada Moran
  • Sam Kinsey (Northridge), Sonata in D Major, Opus 10, no. 3 Teacher: Antoinette Perry
  • Kai Ono (Irvine), Sonata in E-Minor, Opus 90 Teacher: Chi Asada
  • Stephanie Tang (Upland), Sonata in F Minor, Opus 57, no. 23 Appassionata Teacher: Ory Shihar
  • Rebecca Wuu (Fremont), Sonata in E-flat, Major Opus 81a, Les Adieux Teacher: Hans Boepple


  • Magdalene Peng (Palo Alto), Sonata F-sharp Major, Opus 78 Teacher: Karen Lin Peng


  • Renny Ko (San Jose) Teacher: Erna Gulabyan
  • Brandon Shih (Cupertino) Teacher: Jinye Wang